Dear editor,

I want to bring your attention to this photo published in the newspapers on Jan 16. This photo shows the swearing in ceremony for members of parliament of the 13th parliament of Singapore. It is the most powerful political body in the country and definitely a very solemn occasion.

It is thus to my great disgust and anger that I spotted these two persons making a mockery of the whole ceremony. The lady circled is Cheng Li Hui, an MP for Tampines GRC, and the Malay man is Saktiandi Supaat, an MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

These two were smiling and playing a fool during the ceremony, making eyes at one another as if the ceremony is some childish game. They are being sworn into parliament, not attending some school assembly, but they chose to take things lightly. Is it because they do not care for the responsibilities of parliament and are simply happy that they will be getting big fat MP allowances after riding into parliament on the coattails of the GRC system?

Compare this to the Workers’ Party’s Chen Show Mao and Pritam Singh, who know how to take their duties in parliament seriously and behave appropriately.

If the PAP wants to convince the people that they are the best and most disciplined leaders for Singapore, they should conduct a proper investigation into this case of misconduct. PAP MPs or not, they need to be taught that our most solemn ceremonies are not joking matters.

A.S.S. Contributor

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