Hi editor,

I saw this message on We Are Against Pinkdot facebook group and I thought of sharing it with you. This mad Christian lady thinks the WP is promoting homosexual agenda and threatens to vote against opposition because they don’t agree with their “christian values”. I think she and her group must be living in a cave!

“All political parties in Singapore need to understand that YOU WILL LOSE votes if you support LGBT special interest rights, same-sex ‘marriage’, repeal 377A or you have a homosexual agenda in your party manifesto like some of the opposition parties in the last GE.

We also do not wish to see our govt talk about ‘promoting “family values'” but actions show otherwise by allowing all kinds of lewd, obscene and offensive trash and pro-LGBT performers and homosexuality-affirming films in to influence the people especially children and young people.

One bad action done on society and children can and will erase all the good.

Let the last GE be a stern reminder to all politicians and political parties. YOU WILL LOSE PRO-FAMILY VOTES.

And pro-family people have a message to Low Thia Khiang, Chief of Workers Party;

Are you really ignorant about the homosexual agenda (which proves your lack of understanding and awareness of the dangers and hence, your lack of competence and ability as a true statesman) or are you also blatantly supporting the homosexual activists and the homosexuality activism which are fast eroding the moral values of our country (which shows you do not care for the greater good of Spore) ?

It does not matter what Daniel Goh’s (or any other politician for that matter) credentials are, as long as he is supportive of the harmful and dangerous LGBT and pansexuality rights and homosexual agenda, he must NOT be in parliament.

He wasn’t elected by the people, so why should he be given a trampoline to enter Parliament?

He had lost in East Coast GRC. Why should one who has lost, be given any special pass into parliament?”

Carrie Shalom

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