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Attn to coca. management

Coca Restaurants Singapore

I think you should be aware of the service rendered and language that one of your employees is using in your restaurant Coca (#04-23 Ngee Ann City)

His identification tag shows the name Alex (attached image) I was shocked as a restaurant manager being so disrespectful to a mother.

My wife has made reservation and clearly stated 5 pax with 1 baby in a pram. Your staff if i need a high chair to which i decline. Upon my arrival at the restaurant in ngee ann city, your staff Alex told her to park the pram at the entrance, which she said she couldn’t as my baby will be in the pram. He proceeded to tell her that the table allocated to me has no clear path for a stroller. He obviously thinks that all babies born out of the womb can sit from day 1!!!! So she asked him for alternative… We were glad for a moment when he got us another table (forgiving the fact that he rudely guestured us to enter by back door without explaining).

To my dismay, he is putting me at a booth table and expect me to put my baby in the stroller in the very narrow walkway which is also where the servers will have to serve the food. Seriously do you think i will allow your staff to serve steaming hot steamboat over my baby? To make matters worse, your staff Alex was just very nonchanlant about it all and was very rude throughout the whole time. He was not even apologetic that he got the reservations wrong and now i can’t dine at your restaurant. This is highly unacceptable and Alex is a disgrace to the service industry! I would appreciate a response on this.

I personally feel he has no place interacting with family when he lacks the most basic sense of propriety and kindness. He seemed to think it was funny. I don’t know how many people he has offended, but I found it so offensive that I will not allowed my family or friends to experience such incident again.

Father of a 4 month old son.
Shawn Swa

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