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This is a matter of great importance.

Refer to the 4 screenshots (links provided):

The above screenshots were taken from the “We Are Against Pink Dot” facebook group.

The facebook group is a gathering of Christian hardliners in Singapore who demand for anyone or anything that does not condemn homosexuality to be punished.

The leader of the group, Ms Carrie Yu, is a Christian fundamentalist who has campaigned against many things such as Adam Lambert’s performance and the Penguin books which featured two male penguins raising a baby penguin. She goes by the name Carrie Shalom on facebook.

During GE2015, she arranged for SMS and whatsapp messages to be sent as widely as possible to get the WP East Coast team defeated. She warned that Christians should not vote for Associate Professor Daniel Goh as he has been ‘sympathetic’ to the LGBT movement.

Now she has threatened the Workers’ Party and the government that they will lose pro-family Christian votes if they allow Associate Professor Daniel Goh to become a NCMP.

She claims that she is doing this for the good of Singapore, to protect us all from the dangerous homosexual agenda. She demands for WP MP Low Thia Khiang to answer if he is aware of the danger of homosexuals.

Some hardcore Christians have decided to speak to their MPs and Ministers to get them to oppose Daniel Goh’s NCMP candidacy.

National Solidarity Party (NSP) member Elvin Ong, who contested in Pioneer SMC in GE2015 has also called for Daniel Goh to never be allowed into parliament for the sake of Singaporeans.

Did Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Muslims, atheists and free thinkers give these mad Christian hardliners the right to decide what is good for Singapore?

As a non-Christian, I think the Christian agenda is far more scary for Singapore than any homosexual agenda. I am normally quiet about such things because my religion preaches tolerance for other religions. But I get frustrated whenever I see Christians disrespectfully trying to force their beliefs on others.

Hardcore Christian elements should not meddle in the politics of Singapore. But when they do so, the non-Christian majority of Singapore has the right to tell the Christian fundamentalists to fuck off.

Singapore is NOT and will never be, a Christian state.

If the Christian fundamentalists want our politics to be decided by their religious ideals, then my advice is for them to leave Singapore for the Middle East where their religion originated.

If WP’s Daniel Goh gets the NCMP seat, it will be a move in favour of secularism in Singapore politics.

To me, that is enough. I am a Buddhist Singaporean. I don’t support homosexuality but I don’t want to live in a Singapore where every trivial thing is taboo because of what a small bunch of Christians hiding behind the pro-family label claim is right for all Singaporeans.

I just hope that my government will not reject Associate Professor Daniel Goh’s seat because on religious feelings of a bunch of right-wing Christians. I pray for the ministers to have wisdom in the coming days.

A.S.S. Contributor

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