Dear Editor,

Greetings to you and all fellow Singaporeans, I hope all is well with you and your families.

Last Friday marked the new chapter of our nation’s 51st anniversary with the opening of the 13th Parliamentary session. Notably absent was the presence of 1 more NCMP which the PAP dominated parliament has blatantly refused to fill, going by the non-binding opinion of the AGC which the High Court has earlier ruled does not represent any interpretation of our laws!

In any case, lets hear what our Constitution has to say about Ms Lee Li Lian not wanting to take up the NCMP seat: “Subject to subsection (3), if any non-constituency Member declared to be elected under section 52 fails to take and subscribe before Parliament the Oath of Allegiance under Article 61 of the Constitution at the first or second sitting of Parliament during its first session after the general election, Parliament may by resolution declare that his seat has become vacant and that it be filled by the next succeeding candidate at the general election in the order of priority as determined in accordance with section 52(2) from among those candidates who are eligible to be elected as non-constituency Members and have not been so elected.” – Parliamentary Elections Act, Cap 218 Sect 53 Clearly, the PAP’s parliament has an obligation to offer each and every successive losing candidate, the NCMP seat except for those who polled less than 15%!

I find it amusing for our puppet president to be reading from the script prepared by his former party, things which the PAP does not believe, that is: Diversity of opinions and voices! It is clearly a leopard which does not change its spots right after its massive mandate similar to 2001. It “reinstated” a bloated cabinet under the guise of “renewal”, continued harassing the town of residents who did not support its candidates and lastly, the unlawful prevention of the next “duly elected” NCMP from taking up his seat.

If the PAP chooses to take the easy way out and slide down the slippery slope of oppression and fascist capitalism, its only a matter of time before the people will punish it even more than we did in 2011. This time round, we simply did what the WP does sometimes in parliament, to offer kind gestures of support if the PAP is heading in the right direction but will not hesitate to censure it terribly if it does not wish to heed the people’s voices from now onward. Dr Jillian Koh has already cautioned that the electorate has pointed out the imbalances of our political system and it will become clearer in this instance, the true colors of the PAP if it does not allow Prof Daniel Goh to take his rightful place in their kangaroo Parliament.

Happy Lunar New Year,
Dan Dan

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