A representative from the Singapore Zoo responds to this article:

All animals under human care in Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s parks, including Singapore Zoo, are afforded the utmost care and their welfare is paramount in our organisational ethos.

Working with animals at the Singapore Zoo is a unique calling for a carefully selected group of staff. It is a mission that our colleagues cherish, and they will always try their best to take care of the animals in their charge.

We are aware of the previous complaint against the trainer mentioned in the article, and have carefully reviewed the incident. While it may have appeared that the trainer used a harsh method when handling Boy, our 2 year-old golden retriever, rest assured Boy was not harmed in any way.

We appreciate the concern for our dogs, and assure animal lovers that we will continue to provide the best possible care for the animals in our charge. We would also like to reaffirm that high animal welfare standards continue to be exercised in Singapore Zoo.

WRS’ policy and guidelines on animal welfare and ethics can be accessed at

Best regards

Corporate Communications
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

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