Mindef shamelessly cheated poor rejected job applicant into attending non-mandatory medical review just for their administrative closure on job application

This relate to an earlier article i submitted: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/i-waited-4-months-mindef-job-only-be-rejected-lame-reason

After I was rejected for the job position recently which I have waited for 4months of my precious time, I have already formally inform the Mindef staff by the name C***y S** that I won’t be interested to attend the upcoming medical review at MCC CMPB since I was already rejected for the job. Instead on 11 Jan 2016, she still insist me on attending the Medical Review and said it is mandatory for the NS Liability. End up I still turn up for this particular medical review and did not reprimand this of C***y S** for attending and only to realise that this medical review was solely for the purpose of job application purpose and NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY NS LIABILITY. At there, there was another MCC DXO staff by the name of Y*q**n whom attended to me to explain that Session was just a meet up to conclude on the failed job application which basically I just listen and forget. At that point I still wasn’t sure about what happen until 1 day later, suddenly one NSF from NSPC called asking me to attend medical review again. I told this guy I have already attended the NS Liability medical review on 14 Jan 2016 so there is no need for him to make any arrangement. It was only then I realised that i was practically cheated into attending a medical review for the failed job application. Does anyone heard of any job applicant still being called up for Medical Review AFTER BEING REJECTED for the job? I think this is possibly the first in the history that an organisation can be so shameless to the maximum.

Don’t the Mindef think they are too much by cheating rejected job applicant to attend non-mandatory medical review? Since I am not oblige to attend this medical review for the failed job application, why didn’t they come clean but instead cheated me into attending this redundant meet up. In total, I have already wasted my precious 4months inclusive of 6 meet up session(interview, unit preview, medical screening, Security Clearance x 2 and this non-mandatory medical review) with these immoral, shameless and despicable people. I still have all the concrete evidence of all voice conversations exchange with ALL the above mentioned. So, if they want to challenge against any of my allegation, feel free to find me. I will be waiting.

A.S.S. Contributor

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