If any taxi driver pick up three NEGRO from parkroyal hotel on kitchener road or going there, please take note.

They boarded my taxi going to PR hotel on kitchener road, ask to go money changer at mustafa. Upon reaching, one went to change but came back say that they dont change usd.

After which they offer to pay with usd at a exchange rate of 1.4 which i rejected. Then they offer this usd$20 to pay their $9 fare without any changes.

I accepted and dropped them off at the hotel. Then i went back to money changer and the person there told me this note is too old that why they rejected changing it.

Those three NEGRO still have quite alot of such notes in their wallets. Wondering if these notes are real or not? To all fellow TDs, please be careful with these three.

Mr Cen

ASS Contributor

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