Please be careful when buying ‘”fresh” vegetables from Giant supermarket! The other day, my father bought lettuce for me from their Tampines megastore outlet. While I was happily preparing my salad and peeling the layers of leaf off, a dead cockroach’s body fell out from inside the lettuce. After another layer, it’s head then fell out. It was a disgustingly horrifying situation and my dog was trying to lick/eat the dead cockroach. In the end I could not make my salad as that was the only lettuce head I had bought.

I emailed Giant and even sent them pictures which I will attach below. There was an automatic email reply that stated they would get back to me within 3 working days. I have waited way more than that and yet they have simply ignored my email instead of properly acknowledging the issue. I am thoroughly disappointed with their service and how they handled the situation.

So, be wary when buying vegetables from Giant. There might be a free gift waiting to surprise you. And Giant won’t be bothered, anyway.

A.S.S. Contributor

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