Today of 13-01-16, my Father was being caught of urinating in the industry area while waiting for his turn to unload the truck. As there was no toilets nearby. Which my dad indeed is old and unable to control that well unlike the younger people when comes to nature call. He eventually release it near his truck area secluded area as well.

Unfortunately my Father was caught by an officer who came up to him for his act. He did advise my Father however in a manner where his voice was raise loudly, rudely as well as not being a respectful to an elderly person. On Top of summon a fine to my Father. Which we accept it as it is indeed a wrong thing. However the officer by the name of Ham Kauchaun, Auxiliary Police Officer did not just issue the fine , instead he took away my Father vehicle’s key without any permission as well as forcefully took it from my Father and even challenge him that saying “catch u ppl I can another few more with such arrogance.

Have confirm this with NEA that they do not demand or require the vehicle key at all. Such a rude guy who have no respect for people especially with elders as well as abusing his authority. So guys better watch out and beware of this rude Auxiliary Police Officer name : Ham Kauchaun

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