I have been working with Aspect Security Management Pte Ltd for the past 5 months as a relief guard. My boss name is Mr TAJUDIN. Even though I was a relief guard, I was required to work everyday from 7am to 7pm Monday to Sunday. Sometimes, I was even required to work night shift due to lack of manpower. Initially, I was given daily pay by the end of the day. Then, he changed the pay days where I was paid every 2- 3 days once. Now, I have not received my pay since the 4th of January. He owes me $910. Each time I callhim, he either does not answer my calls or keeps telling me that he will call me back. From what I have heard, none of his employees and relief guards have received their pay yet.

I called MOM to ask for their help but sadly, they just told me that since I am considered an independent contractor, they cannot help me in anyway. It is very sad to see that we independent contractors are not protected in any way.

Yesterday (14 Jan) I made a police report against the company. Today when I called him, he told me that he is still “looking” for money to pay us. Meanwhile, my bills are piling up and I do not even have money for food and have resorted to borrowing from others. I really do not know when I will get paid.

Please stay from this company: ASPECT SECURITY. There are many better security companies out there who will pay you properly and dont behave like a fraud.

A.S.S. Contributor

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