EDITOR of all singapore stuff,

May i request to you to publise my article. I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to someone i have hurt 10 years ago and also to remind those who are in love, to always be grateful and dont take your partner for granted. Thank you in advance.

I am 10 years late. I apologize for the decision made 10 yeas ago. You were patriotic, wanting to serve the nation, excited and deligient in your work in the government sector. I should’nt have asked you to leave everything behind to follow me back to Indonesia.

I knew that you wanted a fullfilling career more than a glamours life. But i have to returm back to Indonesia to take over our family business as my parents are old. I am unwillingly letting go of you and yet regretted that i have made that decision 10 years ago. I always

Knew how you treated me. You made me feel precious and love, always, in your unique way. I believe no one will ever treat me like you did.

I have to leave due to circumstances you knew and its never a easy decision. Though we lead our life seperately, i have never let go of the relationship we once held, never let go the thoughtfullness and love you have given me in that 4 years. I knew you were in relationships after i left, though i believe its not easy for you to overcome and forget, but you move on. I am happy for you but sour that the person next to you is not me. But i dont blame you, as i am the one who walked away, leaving you behind. All this years, i have not committed in another relationship. I cant bring myself to love another person. I have sent cakes and gift to your place on your birthday for 10 years but i guess all have went down the chute. I have tried contacting you, but i knew you purposely avoided me and change your numbers on several occasions which i can fully understand why.

I am not writing to ask for your forgiveness nor second chance. I knew that you are happily with your M. I am happy for you. I just wanna let you know thatin this world, there is still me who is here, praying for you, keeping watch over you and living for you. I just want to share my story to those who take their loves one for granted. You sill never know how hurt and painful it is till you lose it. Be brave to fight for what you want and who you love. For those who love you will never come back and be the same after you lost them. Dont live a regretted life like me.

I wish you and your M happy, blissful and everlasting.

J. Susi
A.S.S. Contributor

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