Dear A.S.S,

I am in an inter-racial marriage. I’m a Muslim while my wife is a Chinese free-thinker. We’ve known each other for more than half a lifetime and married for 12 years.

Since we got married, she has never stepped foot into my parents’ home and she has disallowed me to bring our 2 kids (10 and 2) to see my parents. I am very disappointed about it but we remained an otherwise happy family (most of the time). But since the passing of my father 3 months ago, my mother has been pestering me to see the kids and my siblings also started to pressure me. For avoidance of doubt, I do not stop her parents from seeing our kids.

Even know she knows that she is being unreasonable, my wife once said that she doesn’t like my family to the extent that she doesn’t want to be associated with them. She admits that maybe she is afraid that our kids will become Muslim.

Now, I am considering a divorce so that I can bring the kids to see my mom etc during visitation time. I even said it to our 10 year old. My kid told me that it did not bother him not knowing his father’s side, but it bothered him that his parents would no longer be together.

Should I divorce my wife because of our irreconciliable differences when it comes to our children’s religion, or should I stick with her for the sake of our children?

Mohd J.

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