Dear Editors,

I have many conflicts with my mother in law. She has the tendency of passing sarcastic remarks on me like for instance today she blame my husband for breaking his promise of remaining single.That promise was made before he met me. What is she insinuating? Is she trying to tell me that her son should not marry me? I mean how can a mother make her son promise her that he would remain single?

Then last few days she said that if I didnt get married to her son, I would be played and dumped by guys again and again till 38 years old I am still a spinster. How can she humiliate me like this?

I mean i can forgive her once, but I cannot keep forgiving her if she continue with all these sarcastic remarks.

Then when I ignore her she would talk to me or buy me small things, as I am a soft hearted person I forgive her, then few days later she start her nonsense again to irritate me. Its like a repeated cycle everytime, I start to suspect its her trick of making me fall into her trap just to give her an opportunity to attack me. She is bullying me with words.

Last time when she pass nasty remarks on me, I would confront her harshly and she would go round telling others that I shouted at her, that I bully her. No matter what, I am at a losing end as all her sons would side with her.

The worst part is that when she pass such sarcastic remarks on me, she would say it with a smiling face so that everyone will think she is joking, by the way, got people joke about such matter?

Even my husband does not side with me, he said I bully his mum. not a word of consolation from him. I already told him many times that I cannot get along with his mum. But he kept compelling me to stay with her. I felt so tormented.

Can someone advise me how to handle my mother in law?

Sheena K

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