Dear ASS,

I am a sec 4 student.

There are some things that I would like to share. Please bear with me.

It is the 2nd week of school. As usual, when my classmates meet in class for the first day of school, they begin to talk about their holidays. Some went to London, some to Australia, and some to Kuala Lumpur. I cannot help but to feel envious. Why?

I come from a low-middle income family. My father is a taxi driver. My mother is a housewife. She needs to stay home to care for my paralysed grandmother.

We don’t have a lot. We are not too poor too. I mean when I watch tv, there are people who are worse off then me. I know my friends don’t mean it, but every time they say things like, “oh everyone fly overseas for the holidays” or “everyone has an iPad…” I feel very affected. I don’t have branded clothes or an iPad at home. I had to think for so long just to try Llao Llao yogurt for the first time coz my friends were all trying it.

As it is, my parents cannot afford to take me and my younger siblings on holiday. My father would insist on working even though he is sick as he has to pay rental for the taxi. My grandmother’s needs also put a strain on my parents. She needs medication, diapers, moisturisers, doctor appointments etc.

Some times I feel like I cannot click with my friends. Even though they invite me to study outside with them, I cannot join them. They like to go to Starbucks where the drinks are very expensive to me. Once, they sort of tried to accomodate me so we studied at MacDonalds but somehow, they prefer Starbucks.

I know that they are not bad kids. Just kids who are luckier than me and much more fortunate.

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder if I am in this state coz my parents didn’t do a planned parenthood.

I still love them.

EMO kid
A.S.S. Contributor

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