hi ass

i come across this cleaner today at westmall. at first i mind my own business and do things, but suddenly i notice this disgusting act.

this cleaner who is cleaning the toilet bowls came out from a cubicle after washing it, so she is holding this brush. i thought maybe she going put back the brush and do other thing but then she use the same f**king brush to wash the hand sinks

f**king disgusting can? this is the same brush that wash shit and now use to wash the sink where we wash our hands and face? auntie don’t know basic hygiene?

i wanted to tell her off for doing such a disgusting thing but she is a fierce lady, i don’t want to cause a scene so I decided to take a photo and lodge a complaint.

this is the evidence of her using the brush which i took from the entrance. you can tell she actually don’t care whether people see her do it or not.

A.S.S. Contributor

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