Hello guys (and girls)!

(edit: can’t post pics yet – here’s a selfie to verify.. think need to copy paste to view)

I think you all probably know by now that today is Motorshow 2016 at Suntec. I was supposed to work with a brand (OOOO)…. but I cancelled with them cos they wanted to put me in something outside my job scope, which was really unfair!

So, last night, another brand (X) confirmed me to work for them (the brand with the white dress). This morning, I woke up at 5.30am and made my way to Suntec.. but when I reached, I was told that the OOOO brand refused to release my pass to the new brand.

Without the pass, I could not work for brand X.

I just spent 4 hours standing and negotiating outside Motorshow with brand OOOO and their agent, but they’re being very difficult. In fact, they even sent guys to go shout at brand X when brand X tried to talk to them.

Now, brand OOOO just threatened me that if I mention their name anywhere online… they wanna get lawyer to sue me?

They also say they want to “buy” the pass from me with my name on it and use it for other purpose.. if caught won’t I get into trouble?

I know you guys are really good at CSI.. but I really need your help. I don’t know what to do now

I think brand OOOO has a instagram thing running today, too… but they say if I mention their brand and what they do, they will find trouble with me.. I cannot mention it, but you guys can.

Can you please help?

In return, if I do get to work with brand X when the pass issue is settled, come to the motorshow and I will gladly take a pic with u..

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