Indonesian grads to compete for employment with local grads. Are local grads competent to employ?

The future for local grads getting employed in Singapore will become even more bleak when the government brings in more foreigners to work here. Indonesian grads are the latest to be added on the list to be “invited” here to work. Bala Vivian in Indonesia for manpower development to allow local companies to recruit talents from Indonesia.


Motivates of why the government is constantly encouraging foreign employment are questionable.

1) they have been unhappy and complaining locals are asking for high salary. Lee Hsien Loong in particular voiced his unhappiness about local grads are paid higher than Japanese grads.

Lee Hsien Loong: Japan is more competitive because their graduates have lower salaries

2) they want locals to be paid low – not able to meet the CPF minimum amount requirement to get back CPF money. There have been talks about how our CPF money is used . . . . . .

Government has the responsibility to protect the livelihood of the nation, uniqueLEE Singapore we have government doing otherwise. Since after election, we see more and more crap from the ruling party.

A.S.S. Contributor

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