An enraged Briton Alan Benjamin Maybury, 34, went ballistic on a 19 year-old local teenager, Lum Kwok Weng, 19, after the latter’s car crashed into a taxi that he and his wife were travelling in at about 1.30AM on 30th November 2014 along South Buona Vista Road.

According to court proceedings, at about 1.30AM that day, Mr Lum had been driving his mother’s Toyota Camry car down South Buona Vista Road with a friend seated in the front passenger seat. At about the same time, Maybury and his wife were travelling in a taxi in the opposite direction.

While negotiating a bend, Mr Lum lost control of his vehicle and skidded into the lane of the incoming taxi, crashing head on into the vehicle. Both Mr Lum and his friend were shocked and remained in their car.

In a rage, Maybury alighted from the taxi, hurled expletives at Mr Lum and pounced on the younger man, punching him multiple times in the face.

He was stopped by a passing motorcyclist who intervened and called the police. His vicious assault left Mr Lum with a swollen face and a 0.5cm cut.

In his defence, Maybury’s lawyer said that his client acted this way “because of certain extreme and extenuating factors operating on his mind and psyche” immediately after and as a result of the accident. He says that Maybury and his wife were injured due to Mr Lum’s “dangerous and reckless conduct”, and seeing his wife injured gave rise to Maybury’s rage.

He was slapped with a fine of $5,000 for his assault against the local teen. Maybury could have been jailed for up to two years and fined for voluntarily causing hurt.

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