Sorry for posting again but this is what we can do at the moment. My brother, Nelson Ng,met an accident 3 years ago and suffer a brain damage which caused him to be cognitive disability, all along these years he was staying with us in Johor Bahru. Last week my sister fetch him over to stay in her house at Kovan area to visit his routine brain checkup in Singapore, however, he had went out from home himself and lost his way back to the house. He is penniless and the passport was still kept by us.

We Are unsure on his last wear attire but predict to be short pant and sandal (croc sandal),his height was 172 cm and weight around 70 kg,he is in short hair and at the age of 37 yrs old. No cctv footage was available,his last seen time was at 10am on 08.01.16 at Kovan area, we had lodged for police report but was told that he will not be in wanted list if no crime or offend was convicted by him.

We were clueless and just able to search him through the power on the internet, we hope for miracle happen and hope that this message will be share amongst your networks. Would appreciate as if you could send us a photo if you manage to see the person mentioned. i hereby attached with his photo, thank you.

Below are the contact of my family members:
Elder sister: +60127270003 (Jerrene)
Second sister: 96518096 (Joanne)
Mine: +60167471668 (Stanley)
Sister in law:+60127527846 (Haze)

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