My sister Jean was involved in a serious accident. Appealing for video footage of accident. Please share this ( especially with friends working in JURONG ISLAND) and kindly email to [email protected]
Or message me @ 98232728.
Venue: jurong island highway ( near oil tanking)
Time: 7:45-8:00am
Date: 11/01
Please help

Dear friends , relatives and jean’s friends, in case if I replied slow , do wait patiently for my reply as I’m focusing on her follow up on ops and her progress. It’s is a serious accident for her because of her broken thigh, lower jaw all smashed ,fractured ribs n shoulder and multiple places that have not been able to scan . Till date, I’ve seen her strength as a fighter to stay alive. Jean Tay is a very brave and strong lady. Please pray for her that she can stand up again and be brave to face further obstacles.
At the moment, to let her recuperate , it’s not the best time for visitors. But do not hesitate to approach me if u like to send regards to her.
Please continue to share this post. As much as I just wanted to concentrate on her recovery, I know she want justice to be done too. As her sister together with my family, we thank you guys!

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