Dear ASS,

There are so many people who talk about how lousy Singaporean men are. I want to clarify and say that Singaporean women are crap too.

I was supposed to marry my girlfriend this August. We had been together for almost 4 years. However, due to her lack of financial management, we have called it off.

I have my own flat. My parents moved in with me so they could rent their flat out. After my girlfriend agreed to my proposal, the first thing that she demanded was that my parents have to move back to their own house so we can have more privacy. My parents were understanding. They said that privacy is important for newly weds so they shortened the lease and paid the penalty. This also means that my parents would not be able to contribute to our wedding. I informed my girlfriend of this and she kicked up a big fuss and even quarreled with my parents. I told her we should take a bank loan since it is our wedding, it is our responsibility. She gave a flat NO. She said her parents are not working and she has to support them. She has ZERO savings. She will not be able to contribute.

I was shocked. I asked her why she didn’t plan for our future together. I realised that I have always been the giving one. Always one-sided. I have also hurt my parents because of her.

Now that we have broken up, should I ask her to return the diamond ring that I proposed with? It costs 12K. There are other things that I have bought her but I think the ring matters more.

Bobby Leong

A.S.S. Contributor

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