The most bastard son in the world. He told my grandma that when she sell the house then she can stay in Block 54, within a few month he drove my grandma out of the flat. After taking all the advantage and he is not poor. His son is the president of a bank which had a monthly income of 40k to 50k thousand dollars (Sorry I was wrong about the 16 thousand dollar pay, it should be 40k to 50k), his son also gave him a few thousand for his expenses.

He still had the cheek to go to PAP meet people session to get NTUC voucher. He threaten every member of the family, saying white knife in and red knife out. He always make my cousin pay for every hospital bill. My cousin is working in engineering line with a normal salary and struggling to survive unlike his wealthy son who is the president of the bank. His wealth is .. so much. In addition to the house he stolen, the jade, ring, jewellery. Now my grandma is penniless, I took up the bills, I also know I might be bankrupt with the hospital bill and 46k of tuition fees.

I have no regrets, throughout history all people who do the right thing will end up with a tragic ending. Like Liang san 108 hao han (一百零八个好汉), yue fei(岳飞), (General Yang & his 7 Son) 杨家将,(descendant of general yang under yue fei) 杨再兴,(Xiang Yu) 项羽,(chen sheng) 陈胜、(wu kwang) 吴广,(peng yue) 彭越、(ying bu) 英布,(gao jian li, together with jing ke) 高渐离,樊噲 (help liu bang build han dynasty but was killed by liu bang) , huo yuan jia(霍元甲), Gao chang gong(高长恭), huo chee pin(霍去病), Guan Yu (关羽), Jing ke (荊軻) and many more.

All had a tragic ending. I did all these is for my mum as the last person she wanted to see is my grandma. Every single one of you had the power to expose the truth, the more the shares then the authority will do a check on him. Hope everyone of you can help, to make this as big as possible so people will not ignore. I beg all of you for this favour.

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