My simple rules in choosing the right one.

1. Set a baseline on what you will never do or allow her to do (e.g. speak bad about your parents, have flings, gambles, heavy drinker, anyhow spend money, etc). If the girl repeatedly commit the mistake after numerous reminders, it is a good chance this will persist into marriage. Think if you want to continue. Life is too short to make yourself miserable. Better to be lonely but happy and carefree.

2. A girl who cannot even get along with her family members. If they brought her up all these years and they cannot get along, how possible is it for her to get along with your family?

3. If she dump her boyfriend to be with you. She will do the same to you.

4. If she is competitive, she will compare herself to her friends and their living standards. Once people compare, they will never be happy with you because there will always be someone better.

5. Is she is emotionally dependent on you. It feels good to be wanted but can you keep up supporting her emotionally for a lifetime? It can be rather tiring, worse when you guys have kids.

6. Look at her 5 closest friends. They are close because they may similar character and mindset. If you dun like her friends, you may not like her when you know her better.

7. Are you at your normal self when with her? Can you speak freely? If you start to realise you are will always looking forward to hang with your buddies. Then think again.

8. Remember that a relationship is not a competition to see who control who. No need to show the world how great your relationship is on FB.

9. Enjoy the company of your partner and be yourself.

10. No one owe anyone anything. You dun owe her anything to ensure she is happy. You make her happy because you want to not she ask for it. Same goes for gifts, buy what you want for her only when you feel like it and not she demands it.

Once married, both your life will be intertwined. How successful and happy your life will be is dependent on each other. Her flaws will affect your life and vice versa. Choose wisely.


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