Dear ASS Editors,

I writing to share ,that my Wife as a full- timer singer, performing singing at a pub (unplugged ) . We had been married since 21 Dec 2014 , but recently ,I suspected her behaviour is unusual den usual .

Yesterday when she came back after work, she went straight into shower as I was still awake awaiting for her to be home . Usually , when she was back home she was leave her phone charging on the table . But this time , I discover that that her phone was not there . So , I decided check on her , when I push open the shower door she was shocked and anxious while holding onto her handphone . I ask who was she texting , she couldn’t reply . I ask for her handset for verifying and she rejected me .

I snatched it over to scroll on the WeChat app that she was using, to my disappointment I saw all the flirting conversation between her pub’s manager named “Slyester Sim” who has actually attended my wedding dinner when we were married . This guy was actually a married man as well, I have no idea why both of them did this to me and my Daughter. I felt heartbroken and depressed after my Wife confessed that she actually having affair with him .

My story here was alert everyone for those who were not ready to be married don’t do so . What is the point for flirting around when you are married . I don’t want this marriage anymore, my wife have apologize to me telling me that Sylvester was the one who seduced her. However, I have to expose them to let the world know and aware of it that Marriage is a holy thing and not to fool with.

Sylvester sim have no intention to apologize that he actually shut down his face book and page that he currently had. He already a married man and aware that we both were married yet he destroyed other marriage. Please help, thank you as I will be filing a divorce from my side .

Ng Song Yang (
Depressed Husband
A.S.S. Contributor

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