Dear Editors,

This relates to my recent grievance experience with Mindef job application.

In July 2015, I have submitted an online job application for the DXO position of Assistant Executive(Finance) whereby HR Executive Es***r from Mindef Human Resource Department(MHRD) reverted back to me asking me to submit more documents for their selection process. There were much communications going on and eventually I was shortlisted for an interview on 19 Aug 2015.

Everything went well and the 2 hiring managers got to know my abilities and skill sets during the interview and they were fully aware of whether am i suitable for the job or not. On 24 Aug 2015, I was shortlisted and was asked called up by one of the hiring manager interviewer to go for an Unit Preview. Things seems to have went smoothly and MHRD called me on 4 Sep 2015 to inform me that the hiring managers shortlisted me for the position and would like me to go for Medical and Security Clearance. It was made known to me that they could only offer me the job AFTER I have cleared those clearance. Supposingly, Security Clearance is pegged together closely with the Final Management Approval as a main factor to get recruited.

Subsequently, I went for the Medical Clearance on 14 Sep 2015 and the Security Clearance at MSD on 25 Sep 2015. In between, I also received a call from Es***r(MHRD) on 17 Sep 2015 that they have computed the salary offer for me and according to her that verbal calculated salary offer is supposed to be part of the sincerity by them to take me in for the position as all these are approved by the Management.

After I have done the Security Clearance on the 25 Sep 2015, I called up to ask this Es***r and she reassured me that this will take like few weeks to a month or so. According to Es***r, I am the only one going for those designated clearance process and they are sincere to take me in. However, everything is subject to the Final Management Approval but theoretically based on the hierarchy of selection process unless I got serious medical problems like HIV, AIDS or Security issue compromised they found out that I am actually Osama Bin Ladin relative or I am an ex-criminal for example then I will get rejected.

Between 25 Sep 2015 to 23 Nov 2015, I only called them up twice to check on the status and Es***r kept telling me they are still processing. So on 23 Nov 2015, Es***r said will try to check for me with senior manager on the processing status and I was informed that “they may need to review on the suitability of the candidates and their skill sets needed for the job”. I waspuzzled and worried what is this supposed to mean so I further checked with Es***r and she re-assured me that the Final Management Approval is still Processing and ask me not to worry. At that point in time, there is still no signs of rejection by the Management and they ask me continue to wait. Neither was there any problem with the medical nor security clearance on my application. During this period, I called MHRD a few times to check regarding my application status and Es***r asked me to wait till after Christmas that week and she will update me on the status.

During the midst of waiting, I suddenly received a call on 18 Dec 2015 from the security department to head down to sign some documents on 21 Dec 2015. It was supposed to be a good news on my security clearance status. I went down happily for the briefing and thought that my long way should have paid off and can start the job soon since I was not working. On 22 Dec 2015, I called Es***r to check on status and again asked to continue waiting.

On 30 Dec 2015, the things suddenly start to turn out differently in a totally unexpected manner. I received a call from MHRD Es***r and I was informed that the Final Management Approval was not granted and I have officially lost the job. The job which I have been waiting since the initial verbal offer on 4 Sep 2015 which is nearly 4months of long wait. Honestly, I am very devastated and unhappy, thus also curious and wanting to know why is there such a big twist of fate since there wasn’t any problem with my Security Clearance. Seriously, I am NOT a sore loser complaining but it is extremely ridiculous and hard to believe that I waited for so long when I didn’t have any medical and security problems which could affect my application status.

According to Es***r, she tried to explain to me that this is entirely the “Final Management fault”(sounds familiar? Train fault, track fault, power fault, signal fault, traction fault etc). From there, I managed to speak with the Senior Manager of MHRD S***e. I asked her whether it was a problem on me that the Security or Medical clearance issue that I don’t deserve to be offered the job and she assured me that it was not a problem on me. She said it was due to “skill sets needed for the job and need to review on the suitability of the candidates”. I asked her if it was really due to this reason, I do not need to wait for the medical and security clearance for this job since the hiring managers already know my abilities and skill sets during the interview and they were fully aware of whether I am suitable for the job.

When I raised the concerns on this issue, S***e replied that that was one of the reason for the rejection but however still assured me that I am still eligible for other positions in Mindef. I explained that it was extremely ridiculous that I wasted so much of my precious time considering that I was not working and even turned down other jobs while faithfully waiting for this position and this was what I get. As I wanted to further clarify with S***e on the reasons for the rejection, they try to make things difficult for me as I have suggested a meeting session and they actually gave me a very insincere date and time forcing me to oblige and even say that is the only schedule they accommodate. Basically for all the hassle which i have gone through for this job, the insincerity simply showed that I don’t even deserved for a proper meet up session with them to clarify my concerns.

I don’t think I should be waiting several months for any particular job positions of Mindef and getting rejected for their lame reason like ” skill sets needed for the job and need to review on the suitability of the candidates” and I seriously need their explanation and assurance that this will not happen to me again. My grievance should not be for their future improvement services. This is an extremely unfair treatment by the Mindef towards my job application and they have simply deprived the livelihood of my life by doing me such a big grievance disfavour which I will never forget.

By the way, I also do have all the voice conversations recordings(don’t ask me what phone/device am i using) between me and MHRD Es***r/S***e/Security department staff etc so if Mindef were to challenge against my allegations, I will here to stand up against their undesirable recruitment practice. Somebody should take up the ownership of this mistake instead of pointing the finger and say it was the “Management Fault”. They sure will know who am I and where to find me and I will be waiting.

A.S.S. Contributor

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