Remember our failed dating "hero" from this story? He's back again with more cringe worthy details of his next attempt at dating!
Despite my previous failed date from an online app, I did not give up hope. So these few days, I have been chatting with this girl, let's call her Jamie, from the same online dating app. Both of us have been texting each other daily and I felt that she was starting to get comfortable with me. So, I finally decided to ask if she was okay with meeting up.
I gave her a call and started to make a bit of small chat first, then slowly and finally asking her if she would like to meet me on a weekend, which she agreed without hesitation. Through one of our previous conversations, I recalled that she had mentioned that her dad drives, especially on Sundays when her dad would bring the family out for dinner. So I suggested to her that since we are meeting on a sunday, if her dad give us a ride to the shopping centre, it would be more convenient than taking a public transport. There was a complete silence for about 5 seconds, before I begin to ask again "Umm hello, are you still on the line? So is it okay that your father give us a ride?". It took her like another 5 seconds of silence before she finally replied "Uhhh, I-I-I guess he wouldnt mind. I told her to arrive at my place at 5pm on that day to pick me up and the conversation ended shortly.
Sunday arrived, and as agreed, Jamie came with her her dad. I cannot hold back my astonishment when I saw her father's car, it was a BMW series 7! I made a circle around the car while making wow-ing sounds. To be honest, it was a very awkward ride as none of us talked. So I tried to break the silence by initiating a conversation with her dad "Hey uncle, your leather seats are very smooth and comfy, so how much you paid for this car?. Her father just gave a 2-worded reply "400k plus", and then the atmosphere went silent again. I started to suspect that these people are probably introverts, and decided not to make anymore chatter with them for the rest of the journey.
Finally, we arrived at the shopping centre. When we were about to alight the car, I politely asked Jamie's dad if he could sponsor us for the money for the movie. He turned to face me with a look of disbelief, my guess was that he didn't quite get what I had just said. So I explained to him "I am bringing your daughter out on a date today, and money don't fall from the sky, you know". At this moment, my date pushed opened the car door and exited the car without a word. I had my arm stretched out, implying that I was still waiting for him. He finally realised that he was holding me back, so he quickly pulled out his wallet and placed a $10 note on my hand. I pretended to clear my throat and murmured that the movie is going to be 2 hours long and we might get hungry inside the cinema. He gave a sigh before stacking another 2 pieces of $10 notes on my hand. I rolled my eyes and said sarcastically "Thanks ah, uncle. I will make the date for your daughter, a very meaningful one", and alighted the car
Jamie and I then made our way to the ticket booth to queue for tickets, I asked her what she would like to watch. But instead of replying me nicely, she gave me the annoyed look and replied "Anything lah!". But it's okay because I had everything under control, I calmly suggested that we watch a korean romantic movie and promised that she will definitely love it, and she replied with a silent nod. When it was finally our turn to get the tickets, I turned to her and ask "Umm, did your dad give you money for the movie? Because he only gave me enough for my ticket and some popcorn". I dont know what came over her, but she suddenly ran off in tears. And everyone around there were staring at me like I just committed a crime.
Of course, I did try calling and texting Jamie to come back, but I was totally ignored. Can someone tell me what went wrong?
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