Dear Editors,

Singaporeans are well respected around the world and we are unique. We deny racial discrimination and accept multi-culturalism in our society. We adopt a social model that brings Singapore to prosperity, peace and harmony. Many countries do not adopt this model, resulting to social unrest and instability. We are thankful that our founding leaders who foresaw the ensuing unrest due to racial discrimination steered the direction of Singapore’s future to a state that is well-respected by many countries around the world.

I have been teaching and helping Vietnamese spouses in Singapore for 2 years and I am certain that they play a part in building the future of our country.

Vietnamese spouses are special because they blend into our society well: they speak Mandarin or simple English and practice core values that are readily accepted by many of us in Singapore. They believe in building up a family and work hard to make ends meet for their family. They are also capable of looking after their children. I believe we can help them to integrate into our society easily.

The next time you meet a Vietnamese in Singapore, just say a “xin chao” (Hello in Vietnamese) to him or her!

Daniel (A Singaporean Son)
A.S.S. Contributor

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