Dear Editors,

I wish to get this off my chest. I’m so sick and tired of my selfish and ungrateful husband who only thinks about himself and his God.

Tell me how do you feel as a NON-Christian, when you slave for the family, work everyday just to earn money because your spouse refuse to share his money, and put my family interest above mine. But after all I am a human being, so doing all these sometimes make me very depressed….and angry with life…

My spouse was diagnosed with Cancer since 2009 ….Instead of thanking His Lord for giving him a good Wife for taking Care of him…He said it is GOD who healed HIM….GOD did mircale to him….

What about the DOCs who cure him….???
Who empty his bag of Shit when he had to carry a temporay bag of excretion…???GOD???
Who sponge him when he has high temperature??? GOD???
Who went to search for medication when his tongue is infected with uclers and fungus…??/GOD???
Who goes to the market early morning to ensure he gets fresh food….???God??
Who accompany him for his medical appointments???…GOD…

I tired of HOW GREAT he think of his GOD. IF I do not do above endless things/tasks for him…he thinks he can get well? Somtimes I feel like running away…and LET his GOD handle it…

NOW I just want to nurse him back….and WE Get go our separate way. Throughout the 18 years of marriage….I cannot think of anything Great he has done for me….I am always the GIVER …and he is the RECEIVER…He is obesses with his money and now HIS MIGHTLY GOD…HE is willing to wake up early to serve GOD , instead of help me run daily errands…

I just so TIRED and FED UP. But as a Buddhist , I know it is not RIGHT to leave him now….But it is important to let his mother and all his siblings know why I refused to convert to Christian. What he has done to me did not touch me to convert to Christian. All he has given me is mental torturing.

I told his Family members , I am a time BOMB …anytime can explode…For now , I can endure…I endure…I never quarrel with him…my GIRLS know my sufferings. I told them learn from Mummy mistakes and do not repeat….


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