Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am writing to you in reference to a Facebook post by Randall Heng dated Wednesday 30 December 2015 regarding consumption of raw food items from our establishment at Seletar Mall. This post was subsequently referenced on your website on 7 January 2016.

I would like to offer my company’s perspective on this matter. Firstly this was an isolated case as out of the approximately 500 customers who dined at this particular outlet on that day, we did not receive feedback of similar issues. I wish to highlight that our food items are regularly sent for 3rd party (including NEA) testing. NEA and MOH has been reported on The Straits Times (
that they confirmed that there is no hygiene lapse in our outlet.

I would like to add that the original author of the post (i.e. Randall Heng) has since removed this post from his Facebook account. Despite our efforts to reach him to better understand what had happened on 30th December, Randall remains uncontactable.

All Singapore Stuff is becoming a key medium in Singapore today with significant reach to target audiences of different age groups and gender. Similarly Sushi Express recognizes the importance social media has to our business. We hope to be able to leverage on increasing trends to enable greater customers’ understanding and appreciation of Japanese cuisine and lifestyle.

Nathaniel (Sushi Express)

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