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Yesterday, a man took a video of me just because I couldn’t give him a free cup of mocha to go along with his morning wake up call as he has a meeting with the CEO of SIA. In the first place, it wasn’t even my fault that I can’t give a FREE mocha. The thing I don’t understand is why he has to throw a fit and take a video of me just because I couldn’t give him a FREE mocha. He was also threatening me that he will not be staying with our hotel anymore and he has better choices of hotels to stay at.

After all that drama, I did a research on him and found out that he was a former chief scientist for Amazon and now he owns a big company(which I will not mention). I can simply just tarnish his name but I will never stoop as low as him just because of what he had done to me. In the end, he bought himself a cup of coffee in the morning which cost him only $5.90.

Its amazing how rich and well educated he is but just because I’m not able to give him a cup of free mocha, he decides to take a video of me to tell the world about my shitty service. Yes, it really demoralised me the way he talk to me really upsets me. It has affected me a lot. I have never shared about my incident but this really has to be shared with everyone.

1. If you want people to respect you, you have to be respecting them first. Respect has to be earned and not bought with.

2. If you are not happy about anything else but our service, DONT take it out on us. We are front liners BUT we have feelings too. We are not robots or slaves.

3. You have to understand that by us saying we cant give you what you want, it obviously means that we don’t have the authority to give you even if we want to! True, you paid a lot BUT you are NOT paying us! We don’t wanna get into trouble just because you DEMAND free things.

4. Treat us like how you want to be treated. Like mentioned, WE ARE NOT SLAVES!

5. Learn to appreciate us! We have sacrificed a lot of our time and even sleep, just so you all could have a safe and good sleep in Singapore.

6. And its about time that the company should actually take action when their staff gets physically or verbally abused. Its about time, that the company stand up for their staffs!

Abused Service Staff
A.S.S. Contributor

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