Dear ASS Editors,

This is my take on the ‘reflection on GE2015’. Those who voted PAP has still not woke up to suddenly find that their neighbors to the right, to the left, above and below their flat , are ALL PRCs. They still think they are the majority but the population profile is shifting and one day they will realise they are actually living in China not Singapore. They are everywhere – in the park during my morning walks, hawker centres, bus drivers, condominiums dwellers, pedestrians…everywhere.

There are more fights and commotions around Singapore nowadays, wondered why? Please do not get me wrong, I do not ‘hate’ PAP. In fact, I used to vote and support PAP without question. Then I realised the truth of what Mr.Chiam See Tong has said about “absolute power”. It can be a dangerous situation left unchecked.

How many PAP ministers live in the heartlands to feel the impact of their policies? Do they take public transport? Did they feel the cost of hawker food going up, PUB bills, telecom bills, some even avoid hawker centre as the cost per meal keep going up.

Healthcare and now COEs as well on cat.D. All these add up and can put a lot of pressure that can result in social tension and even violence. Hopefully, Singaporeans can see the far reaching impact of their votes in the future. So should it be a surprise when HDB is still trying to go to the circus with WP in AHTC? sigh…

Wake Up Lah Singapore
A.S.S. Contributor

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