Dear Editor,

I refer to the ‘latest’ never ending twists and plots of the former “AHPETC” saga, now known only as “AHTC” and the over utilized excuses of both the PAP and WP in pinning blame on each other, which we will see the repeated telecast over CNA again when the courts hear this later today.

I do not actually know if these 2 parties take the people of Aljunied as fools but we can certainly see through the rhetoric and know what are the issues at hand (which was why we still halfheartedly returned the WP)! As a resident of 704 Bedok Reservoir, I am getting a little tired and hope both parties will just take the decisive moral courage to end it here. It’s either the President dissolve the seats of Aljunied and Hougang if the problem remains unresolved on 29 Feb 16 or the MPs of both wards tender in their resignations and come to us again with renewed candidates (similar to what GCT did in 1992). I personally am a little exasperated with the current slot under-representing us due to fear and the PAP with their “wayang” in conducting fruitless MPS in our wards as lame duck “advisers”.

A slot consisting Prof Daniel Goh, Mr Firuz Khan, Ms He Ting Ru, Mr Foo Seck Guan and Mr L. Somasundaram will be best poised to retain Aljunied and put this matter to rest, for the government cannot question the intelligence of voters which the Town Council Act aims to protect in the first place (HDB cannot claim to be doing the same as it represents the PAP government in fixing alternative parties that comes to power).

Lucky Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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