Dear A.S.S,

My brother and sister-in-law treats my mum like their maid. They like to go hotel & high class restaurant for dinner. Always go pak toh ie. Movies, shopping. Buy branded bags like Chanel.

Sometimes they also go out during weekends. They would normally have lunch at nice restaurants before dropping their son at my mum’s place. They dont even ta pao for my mum. Even though my mum has eaten, she can still reheat the food for dinner later. My mum still have to cook for her son.

The wife doesn’t have any laundry to do at home except under garments & sleep wear. All her clothes are branded and sent to dry clean. She doesn’t do housework. My mum & my bro do the housework. My mum still have to cook for them & sleep with her grand son. Whereas they enjoy peaceful night without the child crying & making noise especially when the child is sick.

My mum has a job but quit because of them. They gave her a miserable few hundred dollars. My mum was ok because my dad was still working. Later, my dad started to have the symptom of parkinson. No choice but to retire. So my mum asked my bro for allowance. Guess what my sil said to my mum “I can give you but why should I. Tell me why I should give you?”

Anyone came across daughter in law like my sister in law?


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