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As a waitress, I’ve seen the ugly side of the service industry in Singapore. Indeed, Singaporeans are hard to please. Many of them place high emphasis on the fact that they paid for a service, hence they are entitled to any demands that they have. These people think that money can rectify any wrongdoings, that it can deaden people to any moral issues.

The “customer” status deluded some people into treating service crews like thrash, and it is okay because the rules of basic respect don’t apply to them. Yes, servers are paid to serve. But we are not paid to slave.

Most villains are bad because they cannot handle power. They got addicted to the exercise of power and become a conceited control freak. It seems rather understandable since the supposed power comes with supernatural abilities and world domination. However, some people simply have insignificant rights claimed on the basis of service charge and they are behaving like an imperious autocrat. It is distressing how materialism handicaps a person from empathy.

Some people might think that it is “normal” to be scolded at work. If bullying is an issue that people is constantly trying to solve, then why is verbal bullying brushed aside in the service industry? Does it mean that customers also bought the rights to bully a person when he or she paid for service charge?

“To Serve, Not Slave” is a social media campaign run by students to instill graciousness in people towards workers in service industry.

The objectives of this campaign is motivate the servers to do better in their job & develop better customer-business relations in the long run.

To join us in the efforts in supporting graciousness towards service crews, please follow & like us on our social media platforms!

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To Serve, Not Slave
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