Dear ASS,

I was told this story by my friend. She was a singer who worked in KTV. She was really nice so many men liked her and she was new girl so more popular at that time. Everything was going well until one day she met the Singaporean man that day outside the washing room.

She was drunk, the man told her no need to work and he would pay her whole night. But the girl asked I would not go hotel with u at last, do u still want me to sit with u? The man said yes. The the man sent the girl home as promise. So many times like that. Slowly the girl fell in love with the man. She thought the man loved her.

Finally when the man asked her to go his home, the girl agreed. Then they made love that night and the girl gave up many customers because of her boyfriend. She wanted to change her job and everything. After a few months the man told her that he go oversea for a few days. Then he disappeared until one day she saw him in the same KTV.

She was thinking of him every day. She rushed to hug him as usual. All people in the room was quiet suddenly. The man pointed to a girl in white and said: My girlfriend is there. Days ago the man was just calling her “laopo” (wife) and told her how much he loved her every day. Y he changed so soon she can’t accept she ran out of the room.

The tears was dropping. Cried whole night. Fucking love, Fucking forever love. The next day she went back to China with her tears.

A.S.S. Contributor

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