Dear A.S.S,

Been dating a girl for quite awhile, she’s an international student from China(pls don’t judge), come here to study uni, no scholarship or anything.

Only recently just met her parents since she staying with relative here in SG. I can feel that their first impression of me wasn’t very good when I told them my job. They will hint things like that work no future, low income etc. Like I wanna leech their family or what knn.

After we got past that, another barrier, my mandarin isn’t very good, so often they get a little frustrated when they see I keep relying on her to translate some stuff. Overall the impression wasn’t very good.

How would you guys try to salvage this? I’m hoping I can try to improve my mandarin before CNY where I will most likely meet them again. What is the best way to improve mandarin quick?

For now I’m listening to Chinese songs and watching Chinese drama with my gf, she will then explain to me some of the complex words that I don’t understand while.


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