Dear Editors,

I went to [email protected] Panjang Plaza. The stall name that I patronised is JELEBU MEE HOON KUEH and I bought a bowl of “Ah Ma Mee Hoon Kueh”. As I had forgotten to add the “Dried Small Fish” to be as seasoning for the soup, I went over to the stall and request a small bowl from them. I then top up the “Dried Small Fish” onto the small bowl. Then the lady in the attached picture saw what I am doing and rudely shout at me.

Rude Lady shouting : “Why are you taking?”.
Me : “I bought a bowl of “Ah Ma Mee Hoon Kueh from you. Why I can’t take ?”.

I stopped taking and walked back to my table. Then I heard the auntie talking loudly to the next customer in queue.

Rude Lady : “Siao, if everybody keep taking extra, my stall will go bankrupt”.

I immediately turned back and question her.

Me: “I did not take extra. I did not even took it earlier on upon receivinmg my food from you.”
Rude Lady : “Then you should have told me you didn’t took it”
Me : “You should have ask me and not to be so cynical assuming that everyone is trying to take advantage of you by getting extra stuff from you”

The lady dumbfounded and immediately serve the next customer. To Kopitiam and Management of BPP, I hope you can treat this incident seriously. The lady attitude is intolerable. Thank you in advance.

Angry Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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