Is it just me or many teenagers of my generation in SG are:

1) Big headed – They think they know it all and have seen the world, but actually know nuts about the actual working industry?

2) So hungry for money but are unwilling to start working from the bottom – Being extremely picky about jobs because they can’t bear hardship but wish to have high pay.

3) Can’t take criticisms – Being wilful and having a “fuck it, I do whatever I want” attitude instead of learning to take criticisms positively and improving yourself.

4) Thinking fame is the way to everything – Doing stupid things or even harming others just to make it to the top.

I feel like there’s always room for improvement despite your age and the amount of experience you may have. Having the right attitude beats having the best skills. If you can’t even handle simple tasks and going through small setbacks in life, how do you accomplish bigger things in life? ‪#‎randomthoughts‬

“Failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s PART of success.”

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