Yesterday, I was supposed to meet up with a girl, whom I knew from online, at 6pm. But unfortunately, one of my colleague took MC yesterday and I had to do a bit OT, which caused me to be late for my date. Right after I finished the last document, I immediately rushed down to Plaza Sing to meet up with her. When I reached the MRT station, there was a long queue as it was peak hour, so I was like “fuck it, I will just walk. It’s just 2 MRT stops anyways”.

So by the time I reached Dhoby Ghaut, I rushed quickly to the agreed meeting place, Sakae Sushi. I was really embarrassed as it was our first date and I was actually late for an hour! Despite me apologising profusely, I could see that she still wasnt very happy about it and was ready to leave her seat. At that moment, I guess the only way to salvage the situation was to make up a lie that I was caught in a traffic jam due to rush hour. Right after I told her that I was caught in a jam, I could see that her eyes suddenly brighten up, “It’s okay, I understand. Let’s go get dinner already, Im starving!”.

During dinner, we talk about our jobs and what we usually do doing our free time, etc. I would say that the dinner was fine, as she did come up with topics to keep the conversation going too. When the bill came, I offered to pay for it as a form of apology, but surprisingly, she rejected and said it would be her treat instead. Honestly, I felt bad but she kept insisting, and I eventually gave in.

After dinner, I suggested that we watch a movie or something, but she said she’s feeling a little tired and would prefer to do something more relaxing. She paused for a minute before jumping up and said “Hey, how about we go for a car ride. You are driving right?!”. At this moment, I was starting to panic and drip sweat already, I replied “Uhh umm…y-yea…Im driving”. She quickly hooked me by the arm and said “Cmon, let’s go get your car then!”, “S-Sure…” I replied with a nervous smile. We took the elevator down to the shopping centre’s basement, where I claimed to have parked my car at. Inside the lift, she asked “So what car do you drive?”. I could feel the beads of my perspiration increasing by the second as I tried my best to avoid all eye contact while replying “A-A…Motorola”. The moment the lift reached the carpark and the doors opened, I sprinted off like I was running in the Olympics 4 x 400 metres relay.

Reached home, checked my phone, 20 unread messages and 6 missed calls. Brushed my teeth, cried and went to sleep.

A.S.S. Reader

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