Dear ASS,

I’m writing this to share with you about my experience with Jollibean Singapore. This incident happened on 15th December 2015 at approximately 5.30pm-5.45pm at the Lavender MRT station outlet.

I purchased a banana soymilk with pearl & 1 pancake. Went over to my friend’s workplace to hang around while waiting for another Friend. What happened next was beyond what I expected. I drank from the banana soymilk with pearl & something was caught in my tongue. What assuming it to be was the skin of the banana. But no, it was more horrifying, it was a baby cockroach, the size of about 1cm. (My Friend can be my witness)

Immediately, I went back to the shop demanding to see their in-charge to give me a good explanation. Their in-change wasn’t in so I left my number. Within 10 mins I got a call saying it’s their in charge & etc. All they said was they’re very sorry but of course it’s not a light matter so I demanded for an explanation. She told me her outlet manager would call me to explain which seems reasonable.

The outlet manager, Daniel called me asking me for more information like what time I went, which outlet & date. He say he’ll get back to me within 2 days after conducting internal investigation. Fine.

3 days later, their customer service department rang me up to compensate, 1st compensation offered was $30 jollibean voucher or $30 sushi voucher under jollibean company, which I declined both.

She called me the following day offering me $100 NTUC voucher which I did not mind accepting. Hence, liased through email for meet ups and etc.
Agreed to meet on 31st Dec at my convenient timing near my workplace( City Hall) but no one got back to me with regards of timing which seems like there’s no effort placed into this.

4th of January 2016 at 10.38am, Daniel( outlet manager) rang me up to discuss for arrangement of meet up. But with my hectic working schedule we couldn’t find a date so he told me he’ll leave it at the lavender jollibean outlet that same day for me to pick up the voucher when it’s convenient.

I went down that same day from Pasir Ris & reached at 5.20pm to collect & the staff told me there’s no voucher & they both looked stunned about the voucher thing. I told the staff to ring Daniel & he spoke to me over the phone. He told me he forgotten about it & that he took his meds & his very drowsy. This has caused me so much inconvenience. & with regards to how the people involved handle this issue, I feel that there’s no sincerity at all neither do they feel that this case is important to them.

In the scenario If Daniel is sick, why couldn’t he get someone else to handle it? & he rang me up 3 times after leaving the store in a huff & texted me twice. Why must things come to this extent before putting in the sincerity & effort to get things resolved? It’s not a matter of money & compensation that I wish to get. But it’s more of them knowing their mistake & me believing in them again & again yet what did I get in return?

Being taken on an empty trip to lavender to collect the voucher but nothing was left there for me. Never had the intention of posting it online but I feel that it’s too much. Talking about sincerity Jollibean? Sorry, I feel that you guys have no sincerity & probably you guys took me on a ride.

I’ve attached the convo of Daniel’s texts to me. Why must it be that he only takes action when I’m really really pissed off. It’s been ongoing for quite awhile neither did I rush him & I waited patiently yet no actions were taken?

The only reason why I’m posting this is to let people know what I’ve been through & that I’m very disappointed with Jollibean. Sorry Jollibean, you’ve lost my vote.

Kim Ang
A.S.S. Contributor

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