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My sister bought a packet of Vietnam produce Japanese sweet potatoes from Giant supermarket. she steam it after a few days.

1st day she ate some n keep the balance in the fridge. The following day she took out to warm up in the microwave n she discovered the Colour of the sweet potatoes turn light green n as it rest longer the Color turn to darker green.

Please look at the picture forward herewith.

Today I went to Blk 16 market, I bought some sweet potatoes from the shop. I show the green Color sweet potatoes photos to the lady cashier, I asked her ” where do you think this sweet potatoes came from?”

Her reply was swift ” it’s must be from Vietnam”

Bingo!! She Guess it right.

I went to see Doctor for my hypertension medicine n I show doctor the same photoes, he was shock. I told him the sweet potatoes is from Vietnam n doctor said is the soil problem, it’s soil contain a chemical name Agent Orange n this was deeply rooted in the soil.

I suspect it was the war time the American soldiers bomb Vietnam n cause all this destruction to the soil.

Doctors say don’t go Vietnam for now as you will eat more of the local grown products.

So die die don’t go yet n don’t buy product made in Vietnam

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