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Just sharing in case anyone get cheated again!!. I went to bukit panjang hawker today and i went to this store name ricegarden mix vegetable rice by ntuc foodfare. Its stated on the cashier that 1 meat and 2 vegetable is $2.70. If you have any concession pass or senior citizen or any ntuc plus member you enjoy it at $2. So i went to order 1 pork meat ball, eggplant and a steam egg with rice.

When i am done i went to the cashier to have my payment, I showed my ite student pass and the lady told me only the card are accepted stated above. So i actually read the note above “SENIOR CITIZEN AND OTHER CONCESSION CARDHOLDER” i told the lady she said NO ! ONLY THE FEW CARD STATED ABOVE. I actually showed my Nebo ntuc plus member after my student pass is not accepted. The lady told me that again. ONLY 2 TYPE NTUC CARD ARE ACCEPTED! ONE IS NORMAL PLUS NTUC CARD ANOTHER ONE WITH VISA. After that 2 lady insist me to pay $3.50 instead of 2.70. How can she overpriced the item ?!

Take note! If you have senior citizen at home and 1 senior citizen have to takeaway food home for their husband or wife. The sticker doesnt state that each senior citizen with concession pass are only entired one discount!

The story goes like this. There is one uncle infront of me was buying lunchboxes home for his wife and he bought 2 pack from the stall and when the uncle went to cashier for payment and he showed 2 senior citizen concession pass and took out 4 dollar for payment and the lady actually said No! The total is $4.70! The poor uncle actually payment extras instead of 4$.

Is not that i am being cheapskate! There are student and low income family around this neighbourhood. Paying extra 70cent is okay for others how about student ? Student like primary schools ? Or low income family? 70cent maybe mean a lot to them!!

Hope that the foodfare will look into it !!

Unhappy Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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