Dear A.S.S,

I boarded MRT at Yishun on 2 Jan 2016 about 730am. I am almost 6 months pregnant. This fat goon was seating on the reserved seat and did not offer his seat to me. I am not demanding that I should have the seat, as this is becoming so common but I feel sad that people are inconsiderate and unkind.

The seat in my case is crucial as I am having pregnancy complications (bleeding for 3months at least, at a threatened miscarriage, low lying placenta now so I do get pain in my belly with baby kicking low and standing too long will compromise my pregnancy. This is a baby after 14 years with 2 miscarriages in the past.

Of course this man or any will not know the story behind every pregnant women as each case is different and I honestly prefer to stand expect that I have to take a lot of caution now given my condition. We do not have the luxury to stay at home or take a cab every day to work. The whole row was filled up with young men who were “sleeping”. This man in the reserved seat was not sleeping but looking around and only shuts his eyes a sec or two at times. I wish he knew what I was going through.

Though I am advised by doctors to bed rest, or at least not stand/walk too for long, we have no choice but to work to survive. My journey was about 35-40mins. I was already standing in front of him for about 20mins with my tummy obviously showing. This is not new, so I can’t expect much. But what shocked me was about 20mins later, a Chinese pregnant lady walked in and this guy immediately got up and gave her the seat! WITH?! Even kindness and consideration is race selective?!

P.S: I hope men can be gentle men too.

From, SG Indian mummy.

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