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I refer to the following articles:

The police chose to take no action against a hooligan who punched a driving instructor. Yet the person who slapped Amos Yee was arrested and jailed. Why the difference in standards?

Based on my understanding, Voluntarily Causing Hurt is a non-arrestable offence. So that means if you punch someone, you won’t get arrested? Let’s go try it now! Can we really trust in a system that works in favor of the offender?

Also, I have heard of at least 3 accounted reports of intimidation from police officers.

Well, how true these accounts are, I’ll leave that to your own judgment. I’ll just say, if there is smoke, there is likely to be fire. (Sometimes it’s just dry ice, but oh well.)

In this latest incident, an unruly passenger blocks the bus from leaving. This is very reckless and dangerous behavior, and it is also causing a nuisance to the general public as well. After the police were called in, instead of arresting the person, they allowed him on the bus. They completely downplayed the incident.

There are ways to get the lowest crime rate. Not least of which is not recording down offences at all. Can we really trust the police?

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