Dear Editors,

It come to my attention that lentor ambulance have an awesome team members who protract the professionalism of emergency services with patience, love, skill, tactfulness and knowledges.

My grandma who is old in age(74years old) come down with very high fever does not wish to admit to hospital.their 3 team members patiently coax my grandma who stubbornly refused to admit to hospital.They have never once lost their cool ,raised their voice or threatened this old folk.They coax her and explained to her like their own grandma to seek treatment the hospital for more than 40mins.

Eventually when my grandma agreed to seek treatment,they stretched my grandma out of her rental flat with extreme care to make sure that she is not hit by any of the junks.It is a small flat with full of junks around making it squeeze to manoeuvre out of the space available in stretches.

As attached is the 3 loving kind soul that any boss will want to have them. I would like to thank the Leading team leader Zaneta which show the most caring and patience. (The lady in the middle of the photo)

Please convey my utmost sincere heartfelt thanks to them.

Xiao Ming
A.S.S. Contributor

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