Dear A.S.S Editor,

I have employed a filipina maid last december. She seemed nice and had worked for a family for 3 years before her employer just suddenly sacked her after an argument.

Anyway, I dont mind her not being too thorough in cleaning the flat. But what I noticed is that she is lazy. She initially will change towels, curtains and sheets after more than a month. She always have her nails long even if I already told her to cut it short. We also agreed that her curfew from day off is max 10pm but now she doesnt adhere to the agreement. Even if I already talked to her about it several times. She doesnt follow the rules I gave her when she first came to my home. She would even make me look stupid when I told her she didnt do the cleaning. She’d sometimes say that the vacuum might have splattered the dust. (SIGH!).

I pay her 550 SGD per month. She shares a room with my sister. She also has internet access. She has a HP, a tablet and a computer. Also, every day off, she says that she goes to disco at Orchard Tower or Bugis. But she also told me that she wants to find a boyfriend (indian) because they give her money.

Yes. This sounds like rants but I do not know how else to make her understand that she is a maid. She even cook my daughter’s food for her own consumption.

I dont like to get into arguments or lecture her because after I do that she treats my daughter badly. My daughter always complains.

If you be kind to please give me your insights and thoughts. I am just getting tired of her excuses.


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