1. This man married a Chinese national. He promised to bring her son over to Singapore to study. He asked for $30,000 from his wife, reason being he needed to pay for the registration and admin fees. Of course she borrowed from her friends and relatives in China and gave it to him. After 3 months, there was still no news and she started to get worried. He then told her another $20,000 is required to bribe the relevant department or else it will not be successful. Again, she forked out another $20,000.
In the end, he admitted that he did not apply and had spent the whole $50,000. Not only did the poor boy have to be sent back to China, his wife had to slog her guts out to pay back the debt every month.

2. He had another affair with a Singaporean woman behind his wife’s back. She was his childhood sweetheart. He told her that his ‘business’ (which is non-existence) was facing some legal lawsuit and was in dire need of money to pay the legal fees and fines. It did not cross her mind that he would con her and took out her life savings and pawn all her valuables to lend him. She also borrowed money from her family, everything totaling up to $75,000.

3. A month after lending money from his girlfriend, he told me and my wife that his ‘business’ was facing cash flow problem and he was unable to issue salaries to his workers, many of whom are foreign workers on work permit). We did not know of the above incident where he asked for money from his girlfriend until he disappeared, so we did not suspect anything and lent him a total of $57,000 over a few separate occasions. We used up all our savings as well as my daughter’s university funds which he knows we would need right now. We trusted him because we were on quite good terms and we see him every day. He promised to return us when his project was completed.

4. He also borrowed money from a couple of friends here and there, totaling up to $10,000 at the same time.
In the end, he quit his job and disappeared (does not even go back home). Right now, all of us are not able to contact or locate him. He would still be on whatsapp, but would not reply even after seeing the messages.

So why did he need so much money, to the extent of cheating his wife and girlfriend, as well as his friends? We have no idea, but we bumped into one of his friend who works in a KTV. She told us that for the past 1-2 months (the same period he borrowed money from all of us), he spent over $100,000 on a KTV hostess.

Please share this post and keep a lookout for this person. Beware of dealing with him. From what we found out and after piecing up all the stories together, he has been doing this (conning people) for some time.

We are now looking for him and please leave us a comment immediately if you have any news of him or saw him somewhere. We appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

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