Dear ASS Editors,

Last week, something big happened at what is probably the biggest casual subforums in Singapore, EDMW. Sudden enforcing of strict rules and moderation by HWZ admin was met with strong resistance from users, some of whom have been using the site for almost two decades.

User started getting banned for a term they had always been using. Subsequently, moderators started sweeping the subforum and banning users indiscriminately lead by “Dragon”, believed to be female. Even users who were toeing the line were caught in the cross-fire. A resistance from the users was hampered by pro-moderator forces known as “SaGu and friends”. Reasons for the clamping down of terms is suspected to be top-down, with government-linked sponsors being the primary suspects. Other suggestions were post-election clamping down on voices of people to avoid suspicion, pro-PRC relationships, etc…

The tipping point occurred when a moderator taunted a user by using the term RCHJB “red card ho jiak bo?” when dishing out an infraction. Upset EDMWers began to find alternative avenues to voice their opinions, calling themselves “rebels”, and SPH “the empire”. Some EDMWers ran to “Petalbytes” forum, while others even started making alternative forums such as “EDMW Club” and “Longluntan EDMW”. More drama was to follow as a proposed merger between the latter two failed to materialize, citing differences in direction. It is believed that EDMW Club favours improving the user experience while Longluntan EDMW prefers to allow NSFW pictures and things generally disallowed in the original EDMW.

In the midst of things, the rebels started deliberately posting sensitive content to get themselves banned on the original EDMW as a sign of defiance. Rebels also started to take action against EDMWers they believed to be supporting the Empire, by exposing personal information online. Things escalated to a point that even Dr Vijay, one of the most respected figures on EDMW had to step in to make a statement.

Things are still at a stalemate now and things are surely going to be interesting in the coming weeks.

A Typical Edmwer
A.S.S. Contributor

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