I went to Vietnam for holidays in May2015 with my wife and two children.My wife is vietnam citizen,me and my two kids are singaporeans.

On one night when we were in hcmc,my wife and 2 kids feeling sick and stayed in hotel in district 1.

I went out alone and later got lost.I was having stomach pain at that time.I tried to look for a toilet but cant find any.I took a taxi to find a toilet.

I told the taxi-driver to bring me to somewhere with proper toilets,but the stupid taxi-driver cannot understand simple English. After in the taxi for awhile,i saw a motel.I saw a lady standing along the road. I ask the taxi-driver to stop and i ask the lady is there any nearby toilet that i can use.Surprisingly,the lady can speak English and she told me i can go into the motel to borrow toilet. So i paid the taxi-driver and i got out of taxi to go into the motel to use toilet.I reached the counter,asked the receptionist where is the toilet.He kept quiet but look at me and pointed 2nd level. So i went up to 2nd lvl and walk around to look for toilet.But i was pushed into a room by 4 men when i was at 2nd lvl before i found any toilet.I was beaten and robbed more than SGD$2500. I went back to my hotel and ask my wife to go make police report with me.We went together immediately.

After my wife explained everything to the vietnam police in vietnamese,they told my wife they dont believe me and tried to chase us away. When we refused to leave,the vietnam police took out their guns and pointed at us. We had to leave the station after that.The stupid vietnam police cannot understand simple English at all.

Fred Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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